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University of Florida Herbarium Florida Museum of Natural History, with links to related sites and contact information.


Stein's Virtual Herbarium A variety of stunning Appalachian wildflowers from southwestern Virginia and West Virginia. Scientific names are included with some information on habitats.


Harvard University Herbaria - Taxonomy Gray Card Index catalogs over 287,000 vascular plants at the level of family and below. Includes infraspecific names and basionyms.


University and Jepson Herbaria Part of the University of California at Berkeley, these include visiting policies, news briefs on what's hot, and research program information.


Texas A&M Univ. Herbarium Part of the biology department, this plant museum features a tour, publications, background information, and undergraduate research.


University of Minnesota Herbarium Check out this vascular plant collection site, offering information on Minnesota's flora and vascular plant catalogues.


UM Herbarium Check out the University of Michigan herbarium, featuring curator and staff listings, a locator map, and selected publications. ( )


Flora of Europe Photo-herbarium Find descriptions of the families and genera of European plants included in the database and access photos of many specimens.


The Lichen Herbarium, University of Oslo This page requires a browser which can read frames. A frameless version is still supported, but will not be updated and hence gradually outdated. Site Contents In English - News/Front page - General - Norwegian Lichen Database (NLD) - Recent Li


UCDavis Herbarium HomePage UC Davis Herbarium Facts Staff, Research Associates, and Faculty History Of The UC Davis Herbarium Internships and Volunteer Opportunities Current Projects Herbarium Services Loan Policy NEW! - INVENTORY OF THE VASCULAR PLANTS OF MAQUIPUCUNA, ECUADO


Marion Ownbey Herbarium Examine this Washington State University museum for the study of plants. Offers educational resources and descriptions of certain flora.


Linnean herbarium at the Swedish Museum of Natural History (S-LINN) Linnean herbarium (S-LINN) Department of Phanerogamic Botany Swedish Museum of Natural History (S) P svenska! Linnean herbarium Linnean types Swedish species Handwritings Historical Botanical collections Depart. Erbario virtuale


Northern Prairie Herbarium Located in Jamestown, North Dakota, this herbarium features an internal search engine, related links, and contact information.


Southern Illinois University Herbarium About The Herbarium History of the Herbarium About the Flora of Southern Illinois Exchange Material Herbarium Databases Botanical Potpouri Workers in Systematics and Related Fields at SIU OnLine Botanical Resources Selected Herbaria Related Web Page Preparazione erbario


University of Arizona Herbarium Tucson center invites guests to view native plant samples. Study a desert fauna list, enjoy area photos, and utilize local species resources.


Oregon State University Herbarium Explore this herbarium, offering specimen databases, an Oregon Flora newsletter, and a general overview.


Welcome to Herbarium RNG and Plant Identification Service Welcome to our website School of Plant Sciences The University of Reading Berkshire RG6 6AS United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0)118 987 5123 X 4090 Fax: +44 (0)118 975 3676 e-mail:


Saskatchewan - GF Ledingham Herbarium View samples of native Saskatchewan plants and search the specimen database. Includes herbarium history.


United States National Herbarium Collections / Department of Systematic Biology - Botany, National Museum of Natural His The U.S. Herbarium holds a total 4.5 million specimens, making this collection among the ten largest in the world representing about 8% of the plant collection resources of the United States. The collections include bryophytes, ferns, gymnosperms, Slides show musicale scelta colore dei fiori e stagione di fioritura


Rocky Mountain Herbarium WELCOME! Rocky Mountain Herbarium Information Floristic Research in the Rocky Mountains Theses, Technical Reports and other Literature Flora Projects -- Rocky Mountains, North America Other Herbaria in Wyoming Wyoming Spe


Hendes Majestt Dronning Ingrids Herbarium "Hendes Majestt Dronning Ingrids Herbarium" Udarbejdet af Brian Christensen og Philip Skou Web-design: Jakob Paikin Denne tekst beskriver forholdene som de var til og med sommeren 1996. Forholdene kan have ndret sig siden da. Vigtigt: Hvis De Programma catalogazione con Netscape + Erbario virtuale


The Clayton Herbarium: Homepage - Botany Dept (BM), NHM, London MENU: Search the Clayton database The John Clayton Herbarium About John Clayton About the database and images Bibliography and Acknowledgements Other Data base fotografico


Beadle Herbarium University of New England in New South Wales, Australia runs this collection of over 58,000 specimens. Search species alphabetically.


University of Tennessee Herbarium (TENN) The University of Tennessee Herbarium web site


Tracy Herbarium Do you wish to use frames or no frames.


Philippine National Herbarium Web Site Home Philippine National Herbarium Links IUCN-SSC Philippine Plant Specialist Group Flora of the Philippines Project PNH Type Specimen Collection Help Last updated: 20 August 2001 Copyright 2001 by BIC-Plants Unit Botany Division, N


Images of Plants and Flowers Botanical prints, plant images and graphics and paintings of flowers and gardens.


Tulane University Herbarium Part of the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, it offers a brief history of the herbarium and info on type collections.


Herbarium of Tel Aviv Univ. Israeli higher learning facility boasts collections of higher fungi, lichens, and water plants. Consult the directory of world herbariums.


CSU Herbarium Welcome to The Colorado State University Herbarium! The mission of the herbarium is to facilitate research, teaching, and public service. It is especially concerned with the documentation of Colorado's vascular flora, including the natural


University of Alaska Museum Herbarium A scientific collection of 170,000 plant specimens including vascular plants, bryophytes, and lichens from Alaska and other northern and montane regions.


Fowler Herbarium The Fowler Herbarium Department of Biology Queen's University Kingston, Ontario Canada K7L 3N6 | specimen loans | book loans | search our herbarium database | upcoming workshops | publicati


Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: Herbarium Herbarium Research Interests at Kew Floras Madagascar Specialist Newsletters and Databases Herbarium Techniques Diploma Course The Herbarium at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, is one of the world's largest and houses an encyclopaedic co


Herbarium HERBARIUM The University of Massachusetts Herbarium includes two herbaria, the Amherst College Herbarium started in 1829 by Professor Edward Hitchcock, and the Massachusetts State Herbarium founded in 1867 by W. S. Clark, first president of the U


Selmar Schonland Herbarium Almost 200,000 species are kept here in Grahamstown, South Africa. Read its newsletter, and follow links to other African botany sites.


Australian National Herbarium Organization in Canberra, integrated with the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, provides photos and discussions of indigenous plants.


National Herbarium of Trinidad and Tobago - Home page -- Home Page -- Created by R.F.Barnes September 1999


Herbarium at the NYBG The HerbariumThe New York Botanical Garden Herbarium is the foundation of the Garden's botanical research program. The Herbarium holds a vast collection of preserved plant specimens filed according to a standardized system of classification. Al


Herbarium of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Information about staff, collectors, and activities of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Herbarium

Address: Systematic Botany / Herbarium GB, Botanical Institute, Gteborg University, Box 461, SE-405 30 Gteborg, Sweden (visiting and delivery address: Carl Skottsbergs Gata 22 B, SE-413 19 Gteborg); E-mail: / her


SEA - Electronic Wetlands Herbarium

Electronic Wetlands Herbarium 1993 Midwest Edition A detailed look at the plants typical of 11 different wetland types from bog to wet prairie. After an introduction to a particular type of wetland, the use


The Jason Swallen Herbarium - OWU's Botanical Museum The Jason Swallen Herbarium - OWU's Botanical Museum Return to OWU Botany/Microbiology home page About the Herbarium The herbarium (botanical museum) on campus is housed in Bigelow-Rice Hall Room 130, and contains approximately 16,000 pressed and dr


UCM Botany/Herbarium Section Herbarium COLO is the Botany Section of the University of Colorado Museum on the Boulder campus. The Herbarium houses a diverse collection of nearly a half million specimens of vascular plants, bryophytes, and lichens


Bronwyn's Magickal Herbarium Bronwyn's Magickal Herbarium Greetings one and all and welcome to my Magickal Herbarium! On my page you'll find snippets of herbal lore, crafts and my Craft philosophy. Also, Pagan Parenting pages and links, a page or two on Brighid is in the works


Forest Pathology Herbarium (DAVFP) : CFS-PFC Biodiversity Welcome to Pacific Forestry Centre's Forest Pathology Herbarium (DAVFP)  Herbarium Curator & System Concept: Dr. Brenda Callan (Mycologist) Herbarium Technician: John Dennis Web Site Design: D


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Herbarium Information Systems Committee (HISCOM) HISCOM CHAH COMMITTEE BARCODES HISPID MEETINGS VIRTUAL HERBARIUM REPORTS Type Photo Web Sites 1998 HISCOM Barry J. Conn Alan K. Brooks HISCOM Herbarium Information Systems Committee VISION: "Sharing data and information between herbaria on Austra


Connell Memorial Herbarium

THE CONNELL MEMORIAL HERBARIUM On October 13,1976 The Herbarium of the University of New Brunswick was renamed ; The Connell Memorial Herbarium in honour of Dr.Katharine M.Connell ,BA,MA,PhD. 1899-1973 Dr.Connell's collection of the plants of C


Herbarium ~ Science and Research ~ Environmental Protection Agency, Queensland Information about the Quensland Herbarium's history, role, publications and the plant identification and advisory services.


The University of Louisiana Herbarium (NLU) The University of Louisiana at Monroe Herbarium (NLU) Northeast Louisiana University is now The University of Louisiana at Monroe NEW!!! *ULM Plant Search* *Dr. R. Dale Thomas's Page* *Herbarium Information* *News* *Useful Links*


This page has moved This page has moved Department of Cryptogamic Botany Swedish Museum of Natural History Department of Cryptogamic Botany Collections Databases Research Virtual exhibitions Exchange Staff Swedish Museum of Natural History This page


University of Kentucky Herbarium University of Kentucky Herbarium In June 1995, the Department of Forestry assumed responsibility for the University of Kentucky Herbarium. The Herbarium had been since its inception in 1934 the responsibility of the School of Biological Sciences.


ASU Vascular Plant Herbarium Vascular Plant Herbarium The Arizona State University Plant Herbarium is the second largest in the Arid Southwest, having over 210,000 mounted specimens. Its collection of Cactaceae is one of the best in the World, being particularly rich in c


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University of Reading, Herbarium News:- Index Herbarium News Index Current Issue Issue 36 (17 Dec. 1997) Back issues Issue 35 (9th Dec. 1994) Issue 34 (1st Nov. 1994) Issue 32 (21st Sept. 1993) Issue 31 (20th Apr. 1993) Issue 30 (14th Dec. 1992) Issue 15 (23rd Nov. 1988) Issue 14 (12th Jul. 1


Tipos en el Herbario de INBio Tipos en el Herbario de INBio Esta publicacin de imagenes de los tipos del Herbario del INBio (INB) es un proyecto piloto. Esperamos que esta presentacin demuestre, de una manera muy prctica, cmo los taxnomos pueden sacar provecho del Intern


Herbarium SUNIV Herbarium SUNIV Department of Botany Stockholm University The Herbarium housed in the Department of Botany was founded in 1882 and now contains approximately 65,000 specimens, mainly flowering plants. It was previously referred to as the herbarium


index Information The Sonoran Desert Flora Project Links Profiles ABLS lichen exchange Comments send e-mail to: Department of Plant Biology Arizona State University PO Box 871601 Tempe, Az 85287-1601 Director: Thomas H. Nash III


Carl W. Sharsmith Herbarium - San Jos State University A legacy from Dr. Carl W. Sharsmith is the 15,000 sheet herbarium at San Jos State University which was built over the many years he taught here and the many years he worked full time as Professor Emeritus. The herbarium consists largely of Califo


Lewis and Clark Herbarium The Lewis and Clark Herbarium Lewisia rediviva From "Curtis's Botanical Magazine" 1863 The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia is home to more than 200 priceless specimens of plants collected by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on their


Vascular Plant Image Gallery Texas A&M University offers an image gallery of vascular plants. Arranged alphabetically by family.


The Deaver Herbarium WHAT IS A HERBARIUM? THE DEAVER DATABASE RESOURCES SERVICES The Deaver Herbarium (ASC) Department of Biological Sciences P.O. Box 5640 Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, AZ 86011-5640 Tina


University of Texas Herbarium Also called the Plant Resources Center, the herbarium site features a flora of Texas database, a history of the center, and location information.


THE TCD HERBARIUM Trinity College Dublin Herbarium The TCD Herbarium The herbarium was established in 1840; its nucleus was the personal collection of Thomas Coulter, the first curator. Coulter was a well-known early plant-collector/explorer best known for his wor


Bebb Herbarium, University of Oklahoma THE ROBERT BEBB HERBARIUM OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA Department of Botany & Microbiology and the Oklahoma Biological Survey Room 206 George Lynn Cross Hall, 770 Van Vleet Oval University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73019 Ph (405) 325-7533;


CSU STANSILAUS HERBARIUM Herbarium Department of Biological Sciences California State University Stanislaus 801 Monte Vista Ave. Turlock, CA 95382 Ph. 209-667-3476, FAX 209-667-3694 Dr. Steven J. Wolf Curator The herbarium of California State University, Stanislaus (SHTC) c


The Sewanee Herbarium Herbarium Home Databases Current Projects Biology 310 The Plant Press Botanical Links The Sewanee Herbarium is involved in education, research, and conservation. We acquire and maintain a collection of pressed and mounted


Purdue University Arthur Herbarium Purdue University Arthur Herbarium Home Herbaria Arthur Search What is the Arthur Herbarium? With approximately 100,000 specimens of plant rust fungi (Order: Uredinales) from nearly all countries of the world, Purdue Univers


The Herbarium at the University of Turku, Finland THE HERBARIUM, UNIVERSITY OF TURKU (TUR) Herbarium Department of botany FIN-20014 TURUN YLIOPISTO FINLAND Fax +358-2-333 5564 The Herbarium (TUR) was founded in 1919, when the lichen collection of Dr. E.A.Vainio (1853-1929, portrait to the right=>),


McGill Herbarium The McGill University Herbarium The McGill University Herbarium, maintained by the Department of Plant Science of McGill University is located at the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Macdonald Campus. Its main function is the


Herbarium of the Geobotanical Institute Herbarium The research herbarium of the ETH was founded in 1859. In 1990/91 it was combined with the herbarium of the University of Zurich, to produce a single collection with 3.5 million specimens of phanerogams and cryptoga


Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Wisconsin WISCONSIN VASCULAR PLANTSWisconsin State Herbarium: University of Wisconsin - Madison (WIS) News EventsWe have a new look - Check our detail pages and our map and photo galleries.Currently Available: Photographs (4430 of 1955 species), Distrib


Blatter Herbarium BLATTER HERBARIUM, (BLAT) St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, INDIA . Blatter Herbarium is an internationally recognized herbarium for Taxonomic studies and allied branches in Botany. Established in 1906 in St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, IND


Ross Potato Herbarium Herbarium of wild potato species (section Petota) collected by the Andean expedition 1959 of the Max-Planck-Institut fr Zchtungsforschung (MPIZ) and completed by exsiccates from other collectors which were thankfully received from H. Brcher, D. C


The Institute of Systematic Botany web site has moved Your browser does not support JavaScript or has it disabled. Currently, users must be redirected to the web site location. We are sorry fo r the inconvenience. To continue to The Institute of Systematic Botany web site, click HERE.


Flora of Muskoka, TRT Vascular Plant Herbarium (TRT) Royal Ontario Museum The ROM Vascular Plant Herbarium is known by its acronym, TRT (Holmgren et al. 1990). TRT is located in the ROM Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology at 14 Queen's Par


INHS - Herbarium Collection Illinois Natural History Survey Herbarium Collection The Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS) Herbarium Collection is composed of four distinct groups: vascular plants, fungi, algae and bryophytes totalling more than 234,617 accessioned specimens.


Univ. of the Witwatersrand - C.E. Moss Herbarium Take a pollination quiz, learn about this collection, in South Africa, of over 100,000 species or follow links to other herbaria.


Herbariums Home Page |Data collection| About Cenargen herbarium| |Indexed search of herbarium| Data collection movies| Eletronic data collection| |ELCEN Flow Chart| Most Frequent Links|


MSU Herbarium - MONT THE MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY HERBARIUM (MONT) 408 Lewis Hall, Department of Plant Sciences, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana 59717 USA Curator: Matt Lavin,, 406-994-2032 (office), 406-994-1848 (fax). Collections manage


Herbarium of Vilnius University HERBARIUM OF VILNIUS UNIVERSITY in Lithuanian History: French Scientist Professor J.E.Gilibert (1741-1814) collected the first Lithuanian floral herbarium which formed the basis of the Herbarium. In 1781 index "WI" was granted to Vilnius Un


MIN Lichen Herbarium Page MIN Lichen Herbarium Home Welcome to the home page of the Univ. of Minnesota Lichen Herbarium. From here you can visit any of the following pages that give lists of the lichens in the various databases. The lichen herbarium has over 135,000


WA Herbarium FloraBase Home: Science Matters: FloraBase FloraBase is a search engine developed by the Western Australian Herbarium, CALM, to provide up-to-date information on the names of Western Australian plants. Along the way we've added distribution maps and short de


Herbarium (KOCH) English, JIS, EUC, SJIS version of this document. Herbarium (KOCH) The Herbarium of Kochi University (KOCH) contains approximately 80,000 bryophyte specimens. Important collections Liverworts of Shikoku, Japan Collected by Professor Emeritus M


The FTG Virtual Herbarium The Virtual Herbarium The Virtual Herbarium is a text and photographic database of every specimen in the Fairchild Tropical Garden Herbarium. It contains (or will contain) photos of every specimen and every label on every specimen as well as pho


University of Mississippi Department of Biology Pullen Herbarium The Pullen Herbarium The Pullen Herbarium was founded in 1963 in the Department of Biology, and the collection now consists of over 62,000 vascular plant specimens, mainly from Mississippi and the southeastern United States. Thomas M. Pullen,


Lichenological Herbarium Lichenological Herbarium of Tartu University (TU) Institute of Botany and Ecology, 38 Lai str., University of Tartu, Estonia, phone: + 372 7 376 232, e-mail: Lichenological herbarium of Tartu University (TU) consists of ca. 60 000 s


WAT HERBARI[BIOLOGY HOME] WAT HERBARIUM Department of Biology University of Waterloo Correspondent: Joan M. Venn Telephone: (1) 519-885-1211, ext. 3751 or (1) 519-888-4567, ext. 3751 (touchtone only) Fax: (1) 519-746-0614 e-mail:jvenn@biology.watstar.uwaterl


Herbarium Whitman College Herbarium The herbarium at Whitman College contains around 17,000 dried plant specimens, a large collection for a small liberal arts college. Emphasis is on vascular plants: the specimens include representatives of many Angiosperm f


CATALOGUE OF TYPE SPECIMENS IN THE VASCULAR PLANT HERBARIUM (DAO) Catalogue of Type Specimens in the Vascular Plant Herbarium (DAO) William J. Cody *Systematic Mycology/Botany Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre Research Branch, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada WM. Saunders Building (49), Central Experimen


Florida Atlantic University Herbarium Welcome to the FAU Herbarium Home Page The Herbarium (FAU) was established in 1970. At that time fewer than 1000 specimens were in the collection; now the holdings are ca. 50,000. Emphasis for the general herbarium has been the southeastern Florida


SMSU HERBARIUM Ozarks Regional Herbarium Department of Biology Personnel: Founder of the Herbarium: Paul L. Redfearn Jr., Office KGSX 313A, (417)836-5882, email: Curator of the Herbarium: Mark S. Brunell, Office KGSX 311, (417) 836-6189, ema


Catalogue of Authentic Specimens of the MW Last Modified: Wed February 25, 1998. FLORIN Databases On-Line Catalogue of Authentic Specimens of the Moscow State University Herbarium (MW) Database owner: Dr. Ivan A. Gubanov, Moscow State University Herbarium The printed version of the C


UNM Herbarium The University of New Mexico UNM Herbarium Museum of Southwestern Biology Department of Biology The University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM 87131-1091 (505) 277-6079 (FAX) Timothy K. Lowrey, Curator, (505) 277-2604Jane Mygatt, Collection Manager,


MSU Herbarium (MSC)


Dept of Botany Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Find an overview of the 50,000 specimens representing all major plant groups. Includes a catalog of botanical illustrations.


Bolus Herbarium, University of Cape Town Mary Page Arabella Roupell WELCOME TO THE BOLUS HERBARIUM in the Botany Department at the University of Cape Town PAST TO PRESENT History Present Herbarium Holdings The Library RESEARCH Research programmes Publications TEACHING Courses STAFF ANNUA


Milwaukee Public Museum -- Botany Section Botany Section and Herbarium Department Staff | Associate Staff | Lore Articles | Suggested Reading List Checklist of Wisconsin Bryophytes The Herbarium had its beginnings in 1852 with the founding of the German-English Academy. Dried pla


Olga Lakela Herbarium The Olga Lakela Herbarium Please note: The Olga Lakela Herbarium home page has moved, and can now be found at the following URL Please update your bookmarks. Take me there! The Herbarium of Kansas State University Bushnell Hall, 304. Tel. 532-6619 I. Background Founded prior to 1871 Supported by KAES, CES, and Division of Biology Has ca. 175,000 specimens, plus relevant literature II. Research Role Regional Floris


BRAHMS Database Brahms - Botanical Research And Herbarium Management System


THE NORTH CYPRUS HERBARIUM THE NORTH CYPRUS HERBARIUM HOW TO GET THERE: The Herbarium is housed in the Alevkaya Forest Station on the mountain ridge between Esentepe and Degirmenlik. It can be approached either by mountain road - or by a lower tarmac road. Via the mount


Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Wisconsin

WISCONSIN VASCULAR PLANTSWisconsin State Herbarium: University of Wisconsin - Madison (WIS) News EventsWe have a new look - Check our detail pages and our map and photo galleries.Currently Available: Photographs (4455 covering 1957 species), D


Auburn Universtiy Herbarium John D. Freeman Herbarium Auburn University Click Here to Enter Franklinia alatamaha Marsh. [adapted from W. Bartram, 1788] More about Franklinia


Electronic Herbarium - scientific, botanical illustrations Contains scientific, botanical illustrations of wildflowers from the Pacific Northwest. A good educational site for botany students and plant enthusiasts!


Nat. Herb. of Cameroon - information (Eng) Home Francais National Herbarium of Cameroon - Information The mission of the National Herbarium of Cameroon is to increase knowledge and understanding of Cameroon's rich and diverse natural plant resources and to facilitate their conse


index.html University of New Hampshire Welcome to the Hodgdon Herbarium Website Director: Dr. Garrett E. Crow INTRODUCTIONRESEARCHPEOPLEPOISONOUS PLANTSAQUATIC PLANTSUNH Kingman Farm Nature


THE BRYOPHYTE HERBARIUM (DUKE) The L.E. Anderson Bryophyte Herbarium at Duke University History Bryology at Duke was begun by the late Professor H.L. Blomquist, who came to Duke (then Trinity College) in 1921. Professor Blomquist received his Ph.D. degree from the University of


MARY Norton-Brown Herbarium Charles F. Delwiche, Director Telephone: (301) 405-1589 Fax: (301) 314-9082 Email: Acronym: MARY An herbarium is a collection of pressed and dried plant specimens. Typically the specimens are arranged acc


UNSM Division of Botany, Charles E. Bessey Herbarium Univ. of Nebraska State Museum Division of Botany


WA Herbarium FloraBase FloraBase: The Western Australian Herbarium FloraBase is a website presenting information on the Western Australian flora


Herbarium Universitt Ulm (ULM) Herbarium Universitt Ulm (ULM) Leiter: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gottsberger Tel. 0731-502-2700 Herbarium Universitt Ulm, D-89069 Ulm Lieferadresse/parcels: Albert-Einstein Allee 11, D-89081 Ulm Loan requests 80.000 Belege mit den Schwerpunkt


Cornell Plant Pathology Herbarium These pages maintained by the director, K.T. Hodge


Herbarium MENU LEB Home Page Birds & Mammals Entomology Herpetology Malacology Vertebrate Paleontology Herbarium Kallstroemia grandiflora" Desert Poppy (Kallstroemia grandiflora); copyrighted image by A.H. Harris. The Herbarium contai


Potato Herbarium Potato Herbarium By David M. Spooner and John B. Bamberg Location U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Potato Genebank, Potato Introduction Station, 4312 Highway 42, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235-9620 Loans Short-term loans of duplicate herbarium spec


Miami University Herbarium Willard Sherman Turrell Herbarium (MU) 79 Upham Hall Department of Botany Miami University Oxford, Ohio 45056 USA TEL: 513-529-2755 FAX: 513-529-4243 For more information, contact Michael A. Vincent, Curator at For more informat


Herbarium Mycologicum of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium Mycology HOME (BR) Herbarium Collections Origins Taxa Search taxa and types in our Herbarium. News See what is new and the last changes. Gallery Images of fungi E-mail We welcome your comments and suggestions. National Botanic Garden of Belgium (BR) The Herbarium


UAMH Home Page University of Alberta Devonian Botanic Garden Microfungus Collection & Herbarium UAMH Search our On-line Catalogue updated August, 1999 Products (order cultures, printed catalogue) Service


Last edited Intermountain Herbarium Last edited:October 05, 2001 Useful local links: Biology Dept., USU; Utah State University; Utah Native Plant SocietyCache Chapter Projects: Grass Manual; Herbarium Aquilanum (AQUI) Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali, Sezione Botanica Universita' degli Studi di L'Aquila , Via Vetoio Loc.Coppito I - 67100 L'Aquila, Italy. Correspondents: F.Tammaro (phan); G.Pacioni (crypt). Telephone: (39)862/433210;4


Biology. Services. Italiano University TS Biology Department of Biology - University of Trieste SERVICES Botanical Garden Herbarium Study Centre for Alpine Botany Library Studia Geobotanica Botanical garden Founded in 1963, it has an extension of about 2 hectares plus


Global Wireless Group Search Our Site Thank you for visiting our web site. Here you will find general information about our company, Global Wireless Group, Inc. There are sections on the company itself, a job opportunity page, a subcontractor registration page and a pa


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1st Class Bed & Breakfast on California's Wine Road: The Rio Inn A romantic wine country escape awaits you under the three famous gables of the century-old Rio Inn - fitoterapia, cincia e tecnologia em benefcio do ser humano Informacoes relacionadas a Fitoterapia.  Guia de indicacao terapeutica, glossario de plantas medicinais, tire suas duvidas sobre estetica, saude e produtos Herbarium, forum de debates, cursos e eventos sobre Fitoterapia.


The Herbarium The L. H. Bailey Hortorium Herbarium (BH) is located on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, NY. It is one of the largest university affiliated collections of preserved plant material in North America. It includes Cornell's Wiegand Herbari


The W.P. Fraser Herbarium of Vascular Plants Rooms 3C75 & 3C77 Agriculture Building 51 Campus Drive Department of Plant Sciences University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A8 Introduction The W. P. Fraser Herbarium (SASK), in the Department of Plant Scienc


Botanik online: Klassiker der Biologie im Internet - Scheuchzer: Herbarium Diluvianum Klassiker der Biologie im Internet Johannes Jacobi Scheuchzeri Tigurini, Medicinae Doctoris, Matheseos Professoris, Academiae Leopoldino-Carolinae & Societatum Regiarum, Anglicae ac Prussicae, Membri HERBARIUM DILUVIANUM Editio Novissima, duplo Auct


Herbarium Home Page Friesner Herbarium Butler University Department of Biological Sciences Welcome to the Friesner Herbarium Web site. The Friesner Herbarium is a systematic collection of nearly 100,000 dried, pressed, and preserved plant specimens. The Herbar


Utrecht Herbarium Utrecht University branch Welcome to the website of the Utrecht University branch (U) of the Nationaal Herbarium Nederland (NHN). This is the Section Plant Systematics of the Faculty of Biology of Utrecht University (UU) and is devoted to the stu


UBC Herbarium Databases Herbarium Databases of the Botany Department at the University of British Columbia


Croatian Natural History Museum 3. Collection of herbaria specimens of upper plants (B) contains 609 species (2,300 inventory numbers, respectively 4,090 specimens) and matter encircle the flora of Croatia. Collection possesses 23 endemic species, 27 rear and endangered speci


Moscow State University Botanical Server Biological Journals Arctoa: a Journal of Bryology Bulletin of Moscow Society of Naturalists. Biological series Journal of General Biology Komarovia Krylovia: a Siberian Botanical Journal Mycology and phytopathology Journal of Russian Phytopathologic


Vic's Washburn Herbarium Page Washburn University HerbariumNEWS FLASH: WU Herbarium (WASH) has been updated as of Sept. 3rd, 2001. Click on the link below for the recent additions: 1. Master List 2. Sorted by Family (coming soon) 3. Sorted by Collector (coming soon)


BELL Herbarium Welcome to the J. F. Bell Museum of Natural History Herbarium Site Administrators*Herbarium Staff*Special Access Users*General PublicAbout This SiteHerbarium Home Page* - Password required


3191 HERBARIUM 3191 HERBARIUM. It seems your browser can't interpret the <FRAME>-Tag. Please follow this link to the main page 3191 herbarium


PSU Biology: Sperry Herbarium The Sperry Herbarium Dr. Stephen L. Timme, Director and Curator Theodore M. Sperry Herbarium Department of Biology Pittsburg State University Pittsburg, Kansas 66762-7552 herbarium phone: 620.235.4867 department fax: 620.235.4194 phone: 6


Herbarium See layout graphic below Mycological Herbarium ESF is fortunate in having useful facilities for the study of tree diseases and fungi, including large, diverse forest properties and advanced laboratory equipment. One of the most unique facilities,


John Ray Herbarium School of Biological Sciences The John Ray Herbarium Current curator: Dr. Murray Henwood The Herbarium is located in the School of Biological Sciences. It was commenced by the first Professor of Botany, Prof. A Lawson, in 1916


Herbarium (CHR) Biosystematics of New Zealand Plants

Andre Asselin Herbarium, Pteridophyte Exchange Andre Asselin Herbarium, specialises in the collection, study and exchange of pteridophytes (fern and fern allies).


The Carter Herbarium The Biology Department at Colorado College houses the Jack L. Carter Herbarium (international herbarium designation COCO) containing over 20,000 plant specimens. Professor Carter was a member of the Biology Faculty for many y


West Virginia University Herbarium West Virginia University Herbarium Location:   Morgantown,   WV This collection of dried, pressed plants documents floristic and taxonomic diversity, particularly of the Appalachians. It is the largest herbarium in WV, with about 160,000 specimens,


Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Find out about the history, guided walks, and garden highlights of these magnificent gardens located in South Yarra and Cranbourne.


WIR Herbarium Herbarium <eth><eth> N.I.Vavilov Research Institute of Plant Industry <eth> - <eth> . .. 42, B. Morskaya Str., Saint- Petersburg, 190000 Russia .42, . <eth>


Patuxent Plant List and Herbarium Collection The Patuxent Plant List and Herbarium Collection Collection Background Catalog of Plants Gallery Big Trees of Patuxent - NEW Send questions or general comments to: Gregory_Gough@usgs.govLast updated April 10, 2000 Patuxent Wildlife Research Center


UNM Herbarium Web Page Welcome to the University of New Mexico Herbarium! Department of Biology University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM 87131 (505) 277-3781 Fax (505) 277-6079 Curator: Timothy K. Lowrey (505) 277-2604 Collection Manager: Jane Mygatt (505) 277-3781 Sta


Herbarium, Department of Botany, NC State University About NCSC Services Use policies Specimen loans Floristic research at NCSC Herbarium library Type collection Online databases Staff Opportunities for students Plant resources and links NC Coop. Ext. Service NC Agric. Res. Service Quick links: Po


Herbarium - Institute of Botany, Vienna The Herbarium Staff Selected References Head of Department Dr. Walter Till The foundation of this collection of dried plant specimens goes back to the year 1879 when the then Director of the Botanical Museum, Anton KERNER VON MARILAUN (1831 - 1898),


Herbarium Supplies From Pacific Papers Welcome! We search the world for the finest herbarium supplies, including papers, glues, presses and more


National Mycological Herbarium (DAOM) National Mycological Herbarium Background Herbarium use Background: The National Mycological Herbarium/Herbier National de Mycologie is internationally recognized under the acronym DAOM, as listed in Index Herbariorum. DAOM stands f


Clark Herbarium The Clark Herbariumat the Riverside Municipal Museum The state of California possesses a greater variety plant species than just about any other comparable geographic area, outside of a tropical rainforest. Of this diversity, the Riverside region


UW Rocky Mountain Herbarium Collection Collections A description of the materials collected to support education and research. Hours Library hours. Circulation Policies and Services Borrowers policies and services for book, jour


Univ. of Iowa Herbarium The University of Iowa Herbarium DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Diana Horton Director & Associate Professor, Biological Sciences Herbarium 312 CB Biological Sciences The University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa 52242


The Herbarium The Herbarium Introduction The Herbarium of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh houses a collection of preserved plant material that lies at the core of the Garden's scientific research into the classification and evolution of plants and fungi. Compl


Click here to buy Herbarium of the Lewis & Clark Expedition (Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, Vol 12) at Amazon Shop at where you will find a huge selection of books at great prices. Shop here for Herbarium of the Lewis & Clark Expedition (Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, Vol 12) and find more books by Gary E. Moulton.


Gnostic Garden Herbarium Gnostic Garden Herbarium - Entheogenic herbs by UK mail order - Ayahuasca - Banisteriopsis caapi - Chacruna - Psychotria viridis - Chaliponga - Diplopterys caberana - Vinho de Jurema - Mimosa hostilis - Betel nut - Areca catechu


Herbarium WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT PRESENTS: THE HERBARIUM! WHO uses the Herbarium? Botany and Plant Systematic Students, Graduate Students, Professors, Plant Collectors, Volunteers, Other Herbariums WHAT is the Herbarium? A libra


Selmar Schonland Herbarium SELMAR SCHONLAND HERBARIUM Incorporating the Albany Museum Herbarium (GRA) and the Rhodes University Herbarium (RUH) P.O. BOX 101, GRAHAMSTOWN, 6140, SOUTH AFRICA Tel.: (046) 622 2638 Fax.: (046) 622 5524 Staff Peter Phillipson (Curator) Nigel Ba


Otago University Herbarium (OTA) Information on the herbarium (OTA), Department of Botany, University of Otago, New Zealand.


National Herbarium & Botanical gardens The National Herbarium & Botanic Gardens Headquarters, PO Box 528, Zomba, Malawi Tel. (265) 523388, Fax; (265) 522108; Email Table of contents National Herbarium Botanic gardens NHBGs Library Research Publications Links&


NBI: Natal herbarium Natal Herbarium (NH) Durban PO Box 52099, BEREA ROAD, 4007 SOUTH AFRICA South Africa 031 202 4095 Fax: 031 202 3430 Overseas Tel: +27 31 202 4095 Fax: + 27 31 202 3430 Email: herbarium [Visiting the Herbarium] [Staff]


US National Herbarium Botanical Type Specimen Register/Department of Systematic Biology - Botany, NMNH, SI More than 25 years ago the Department of Systematic Biology - Botany of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History undertook a project to compile a botanical Type Specimen Register. All 93,000+ type specimens in the U.S. National Herbarium


Herbarium The University of Georgia Herbarium About the Herbarium Faculty & Staff Students Policies & Protocols Georgia Wildflower Page Faculty & Staff Director: Dr. David E. Giannasi - Curator: Dr. Wendy B. Zomlefer - w


Ada Hayden Herbarium What is a herbarium? A herbarium is a plant library, containing dried and pressed plants. See some herbarium sheets Ada Hayden Herbarium Department of Botany Iowa State University The Ada Hayden Herbarium has the largest collection of Iowa


UCR Herbarium UC RIVERSIDE HERBARIUM The UCR Herbarium, with its collection of dried plants, is a clearing house for information regarding plant species distribution in the field. The UCR Herbarium is an active correspondent to the California Native Plant Societ


Robert F. Hoover Herbarium Robert F. Hoover Herbarium Biological Sciences Department California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, CA 93407 The Robert F. Hoover Herbarium is a museum containing about 57,000 mounted plant specimens representing the diverse flora of


University of Illinois herbarium Department of Plant Biology University of Illinois Herbarium For information, contact: DAVID SEIGLER, Curator David Seigler's Home Page Phone: 217-333-7577 (office); 217-244-1331 (lab) Fax: 217-244-7246 E-mail: Carol Shearer C


University of Washington Herbarium - Title University of Washington Herbarium The Herbarium contains over 500,000 specimens of vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, lichens, algae, and fungi. It was founded in 1880, and its official acronym is WTU. The specimens in this plant "library" are p


University of Manitoba Herbarium (WIN) University of Manitoba Herbarium (WIN) The University of Manitoba Herbarium contains over 60,000 vascular plant specimens, the vast majority of these being from the province of Manitoba. The specimens in this plant "library" are part of a global her


National Museums of Kenya - Herbarium Herbarium Being one of the oldest research units, the East African Herbarium maintains the largest botanical collection in tropical Africa. Presently holding more than 700,000 plant specimens and accompanying fieldnotes it acts as a major regiona


Native Edible Plants of Sabah Tool from the University of Kebangsaan Malaysia offers profiles of native edible plants. Search by species or genus name.


herbarium PAGE CONTENTS Faculty Students Projects Links Bio 342 UWSP Home Biology Dept. Biology 342 PageAuthor C. Kirschbaum WELCOME TO THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - STEVENS POINT HERBARIUM HOME PAGE Fassett's Loco Weed, O


UBC Herbarium UBC Herbarium Database Read the June 1999 Herbarium Paper Read the June 2000 Herbarium Paper Personal Profile of a B.C. Plant Address: Herbarium, Department of Botany, UBC 3529 - 6270 University Blvd. Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4 Phone: (604)


UofT Botany: Cryptogamic Herbarium Cryptogamic Herbarium The Cryptogamic Herbarium was founded at the University of Toronto about 1887 in order to house the collections of William Hincks, an early professor of natural history. Under Dr. J.H. Faull, who joined the Botany Department


Texas A&M University-Kingsville Herbarium CONTACT INFORMATION Dr. Alice Hempel TAMUK Herbarium Department of Biology Texas A&M University-Kingsville Kingsville, Texas 78363 Phone Number: (512) 593-3804 Email: Last Modified: Nov. 7, 1999 DID YOU KNOW? Chec


Department for Environment and Heritage Botanic Gardens Botanic gardens of Adelaide (Adelaide, Mount Lofty and Wittunga) posts history, features, and services of facilities.


Botanic Gardens Botanic Gardens of Adelaide (Adelaide, Mount Lofty and Wittunga) - discover the history, features, and services of the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide which display a diverse range of plants from different climatic regions and ecosystems. The Louisiana State University Herbarium Department of Botany, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Founded in 1869, the Louisiana State University Herbarium is the oldest collection of preserved plant specimens in the Gulf South and


Australian National Botanic Gardens Read about the gardens set up in 1933 to grow, study, and promote the country's flora. Take a walk and see the flowers, birds, and memorials.

John's Herbarium John's Herbarium


OSU Herbarium Introduction Collections Types Library/Archives History Personnel Projects Use of Specimens Loans Specimen Donations and Exchange Events Calendar Opportunities F


Purdue herbarium - a Noah's ark for Egyptian plants Purdue News 1998 Purdue herbarium -- a Noah's ark for Egyptian plants WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- As Egyptians carve out more living space by irrigating the desert, Purdue University researchers are helping inventory and preserve plants that otherwi


The Manchester Museum Department of Botany Herbarium The Manchester Museum Botany Department Herbarium contains over one million worldwide botanical specimens collected over more than the last two centuries.


Electronic Herbarium (SVGA/VGA) Electronic Herbarium (SVGA/VGA) This program was developed for use in educating youth and others and in secondary and higher education settings. It is designed to accomplish the following: Provides a set of visually attractive introductions to enc


Solheim Herbarium UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING Botany Department Wilhelm G. Solheim Mycological Herbarium The Wilhelm G. Solheim Mycological Herbarium, housed on the third floor of the Aven Nelson Building, facilitates the study of fungi and pla


The National Herbarium of Suriname Anton de Kom University of Suriname Paramaribo, Suriname South America What is a herbarium? - A herbarium is an archive of dried plant specimens, whereas each specimen is labeled with its scientific name. Besides labeling it with its scientific


The Botanic Garden of Smith College, Herbarium The Botanic Garden of Smith College, Northampton, MA. Includes the Lyman Conservatory and Photo Gallery.


Erika Sonder's "Portable Herbarium" Erika Sonder's Portable Herbarium is a remarkable collection of laser reproductions made from beautifully pressed plant specimens.


Charles Sturt University Herbarium Charles Sturt University Herbarium in Albury NSW, Australi Herbarium Well know for its fine collection of native and cultivated plants, the Herbarium at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden houses over 100,000 specimens and is the largest on California's Central Coast. Included are extensive collections from th


Desert Botanical Garden: Lois Porter Earle Herbarium Official Web Site for the Desert Botanical Garden at 1201 North Galvin Parkway in Phoenix, Arizona, Telephone (602)941-1225


The University of Montana Herbarium and Bird and Mammal Museum The University of Montana Herbarium The Herbarium at The University of Montana is an irreplaceable resource for the study of the botany and plant ecology of Montana. It contains over 125,000 plant specimens and has the largest and best representati


Marie Selby Botanical Gardens - Herbarium Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Herbarium (SEL) HERBARIUM OVERVIEW TYPE COLLECTION (a complete list of holdings plus representative images) For more information, contact: Bruce K. Holst, Herbarium Manager 811 South Palm Ave., Sarasota, FL


The William & Mary Herbarium The William & Mary Herbarium The College of William & Mary Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795 Phone 757-221-2213 Director and Curator: Donna M. E. Ware Acting Curator (1996/1997): Mark D. Stoetzer Herbarium Affiliates: Martha Case (William & Mary) Gary


Herbarium Herbarium Wayne Manning, Curator EmeritusWarren Abrahamson, Curator The Wayne E. Manning Herbarium contains approximately 20,000 specimens of plants including ferns, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms. Because of Professor Manning's life-long interest in t


Mycena Server Welcome to the Harry D. Thiers Herbarium Server The Harry D. Thiers Herbarium is a part of the Biology Department at San Francisco State University Contents: A Memorial To Harry D. Thiers Agaricales of Java and Bali Agaricales of the Hawaiian Island


Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem Welcome to the BGBM Information Server The Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem (BGBM) Shortcuts: Events | Biodiversity Informatics | Garden | Library | Museum | Research | Staff | Site Search Other organisations and projects on BGBM


UCA Herbarium Main Page List of Current Holdings Recent Publications (under construction) Other Resources for Arkansas Botany Contact the Herbarium Curator UCA Biology Department UCA Homepage Contact the Page Maintainer Herbarium of the University of Central A


Bologna Musei - SCIENZE qwerg Botanical Garden and Herbarium Sample from 1837, "Florula Guatimalensis" by A. Bertoloni. (48K) One of the oldest in Europe, the Herbarium contains collections of dried plants from the sixteenth century onwards. VIA IRNERIO, 42 tel. +39 0

KilDe - herbarium KilDe - herbarium


Forestis Herbarium eFlorae Quebecensis * Herbarium eFlorae Quebecensis Contenu en bref du site Forestis : projet HUL, herbier, herbiel, flore, florae. Symbioses Rhizobium Frankia Mycorhizes, Sporophytes Thallophytes Champignons Fungi, Bryophytes Mousses Musci, Ptridophytes Fougres Prl


botanik, botany, herbarium, pflanzen, plants, alpenblumen, wildflowers

Hello, here is peters wildflowers.Take a look to the world of botany - and download some pics

Das Herbarium Informationen ber 30 Bltenpflanzen und Fotos


CHIN - Natural Sciences - Palynology - Herbarium code designations Research and Reference                   Palynology Herbarium code designations A - Arnold Arboretum, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA, USA ALTA - Univ. Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada AMO - Assoc. Mex. Orquideologia, Mexico BAFC - Univ. Buenos Aires


AUB - Biology - Herbarium Herbarium - Biology Department (Provisional sample protoypes) Cirsium lappaceum Hordeum Created by the Digital Documentation Center at AUB in collaboration with Al Mashriq of Hgskolen i stfold, Norway. 980512 BL - Email: ddc-info@aub


University of Missouri - Herbarium UMO The University of Missouri Dunn-Palmer Herbarium Welcome to the University of Missouri Dunn-Palmer Herbarium, located at the Museum Support Center on the University of Missouri's main campus in Columbia, Missouri. The Herbarium was founded in 18


Managing the Modern Herbarium, Metsger & Byers Managing the Modern Herbarium An Interdisciplinary Approach EDITED BY DEBORAH A. METSGER AND SHEILA C. BYERS PUBLISHED BY THE SOCIETY FOR THE PRESERVATION OF NATURAL HISTORY COLLECTIONS (Order Form) Managing the Modern Herbarium highlight


Bolus Herbarium Library Bolus Herbarium Library SITE GUIDE Welcome History Online catalogue Useful reference works Recent acquisitions Latest journals Interesting sites Conferences Full-text journals Electronic databases Bolus Herbarium CONTACT US Email address: Bolus@u


Welcome to the San Diego State University Herbarium Echeinocereus engelmannii. 1999, D. Burton Curator: Michael G. Simpson, Ph.D., Professor of Biology Assistant Curator: Adrienne Russell, M.S. student The San Diego State University Herbarium is a depository of plant specimens for purposes of teach


UW-Green Bay CACB Herbarium Herbarium The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Herbarium houses a collection of approximately 25,000 dried vascular plant vouchers, of which over 90% are from Wisconsin. Click on the appropriate


Eastern Kentucky University Herbarium Eastern Kentucky University Department of Biological Sciences Herbarium Curator: Dr. Ronald Jones Eastern Kentucky University Herbarium (EKY) Memorial Science 170 Richmond, Kentucky 40475 USA The EKU Herbarium was founded in 1974 by Dr. J. Stuart L


Flora of Muskoka, Herbarium List Herbarium Directory Herbaria are collections of pressed, dried, and labelled plant specimens that are kept in systematic order. The information on the label includes not only the name of the species, but also where the specimen was collected, wh

Herbarium Site about plants, site about fuchsias, site about odd plants,


Department of Biological Sciences, Kent State University, KSU Herbarium Kent State University Herbarium Department of Biological Sciences Kent State University Kent, OH 44242 The Kent State University Herbarium (KE) was founded in 1921, and currently holds approximately 55,000 accessions. The strength of the c


Sample Herbarium Sheet Make a Herbarium Card! What You Will Need: World Atlas World Map leaves indigenous to the area cardboard squares paper towel squares clear contact paper squares white paper squares scissors rubber bands rulers Share


Lichen Herbarium (Herb. Nimis, TSB) 2.1 University of TriesteDept. of Biology Lichen Herbarium (Herb. Nimis, TSB) 2.0 WARNING!: the answer may take some time depending on the number of species retrieved. Genus: Species: Click here for a list of all species in the database! Altitude be


ACM Digital Library: Herbarium specimen browser: a tool for accessing botanical specimen collections International Conference on Digital Libraries Proceedings of the third ACM Conference on Digital libraries June 23 - 26, 1998, Pittsburgh, PA USA Herbarium specimen browser: a tool for accessing botanical specimen collection


Scientific Herbarium Scientific Herbarium Curators: Zinaida G. Ulle, Senior Research Staff Member (Vascular Plants Collection); Galina V. Zheleznova, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Senior Research Staff Member (Mosses Collection); Tatyana N. Pystina, 


Nationaal Herbarium Nederland General information About the Nationaal Herbarium Mission and Research themes Addresses and contact persons Teaching Publications Three branches Universiteit Leiden branch (L) Utrecht University branch (U) Wageningen University branch (WAG) Task for


Herbarium Display What is a herbarium? A herbarium is a library of plant specimens. Such a library is used to document the flora of a region and serve as a standard reference collection for verifying the identification of newly collected plants. A herba


Herbarium Strona zawiera preparaty zdrowotne, kosmetyki, perfumy. Przedstawia rwnie moliwoci biznesu.


bot_ins3 Institute of Botany, Vilnius, Lithuania Main Page I. General II. Departments III. Collections Herbarium BILAS | Collection of Microorganisms | Collection of Economic Plants | Library Herbarium of the Institute of Botany - BILAS The Herbarium


Yahoo! Clubs cadfaelsherbarium Our Pages Home Messages Photos Chat News Links Members Calendar Member Tools Invite Options Help Sign Out


LANIUS Products and Services Home FAQ About Product Info Testimonials Order Screen Samples LinksLanius Excalibur Other Products Contact Us Product Registration Program Updates Other Products and Services In addition to the LANIUS Excalibur bird


Herbarium The Post Herbarium The Post Herbarium contains a valuable collection of plants comprising about 4200 plant species belonging to more than 950 genera and about 177 families, including all species listed in 'The Flora of Syria, Palestine and Sinai'


Ayahuasca vine of the soul - Banisteriopsis caapi Gnostic Garden Herbarium - Entheogenic herbs by UK mail order - Ayahuasca - Banisteriopsis caapi - Chacruna - Psychotria viridis - Chaliponga - Diplopterys caberana - Vinho de Jurema - Mimosa hostilis - Betel nut - Areca catechu


Lichen Herbarium Lichen Herbarium The lichen herbarium at the University of Maine at Fort Kent is housed in 10 metal storage cabinets located on the second floor of Cyr Hall and in room 104 of Crocker Hall. Packets placed in cardboard bin boxes a


Herbarium Collection Herbarium Collection (HRB) Herbarium Collection c/o Biological Sciences/Pharmacy Library 102 Riffe Research Center 496 W. 12th Avenue Columbus, OH 43210 Voice (614)292-1744 Fax (614)688-3123 Contact: Bruce Leach Inquire at the Biological Sciences/P


CBCB Herbaria - the Vascular Plant Herbarium (TRT) To find out more about our herbarium, click on one of the five links below: Where is this herbarium, and who works there? What kinds of collections are in this herbarium? How are these collections use


Penn State Mycological Herbarium (PACMA) Herbarium Specimen Records of Pennsylvania Fungi Class : Hymenomycetes A-F The following species names are derived from herbarium specimen labels. Each species name is followed (in parentheses) by the number of databa


Pringle Herbarium A VIRTUAL TOUR OF THE PRINGLE HERBARIUM, UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT (background image is Cyrus G. Pringle in the field in Mexico) Torrey Hall, housing the Pringle Herbarium on the second and third floors. Second Floor: The Main Work Area Second Floor: Th


Neue Seite 1 Fachbereich Biologie: Institut fr Geobotanik und Botanischer Garten Anschriften Lehrsthle Lehre Forschung Herbarium Botanischer Garten Publikationen Kolloquien Mitarbeiter D. Seidel, 19.10.2000


Dedication of Ole Miss Herbarium to HonorFirst Curator, Plant Biologist Thomas Pullen UM Home | Search Advanced Search 4/99 Dedication of Ole Miss Herbarium to Honor First Curator, Plant Biologist Thomas Pullen UNIVERSITY, Miss. -- The man who helped make The University of Mississippi's herbarium a leading plant resear


Washington State University




Ownbey Herbarium home page counters

This page contains the counters for various pages on the Marion Ownbey Herbarium web site. By keeping track of the amount of use that different parts of our web site ...


Cusick, William Conklin Papers, 1906-1924

1842-1922, of Union County, Oregon, were acquired by the Washington State University Herbarium about 1921, along with Cusick s "Second Herbarium." Number of Containers ...


Bios 401 homepage

Tier III Course for Spring semester 2001, taught by Dr. Larry Hufford, Director of the Ownbey Herbarium Tuesday, Thursday; 10:35-11:50 * Bio Sci 401 will again be ...


Botanical papers, 1881-1973

transferred to the Washington State University Library in 1975 from the university s Ownbey Herbarium. They were processed by Lawrence Stark in May 1976. Number of ...


Wilhelm Nikolaus Suksdorf Papers, 1867-1935

1850-1932, of Bingen, Washington, were acquired by the Washington State University Herbarium in 1933 as a part of the bequest which willed Suksdorf's herbarium and ...


Museum Jacklin (Geological) Museum Owen Science and Engineering Library Ownbey Herbarium Science Learning and Instuctional Center Science, Mathematics, and Engineering ...


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The Maurice T. Jones Entomological Collection The Marion Ownbey Herbarium WSU Home Page About Conner Museum About Conner Museum Visit Pullman The Museum Exhibits ...


WSU Campus Maps Heald/Eastlick Hall

offices, and units within this building include: Heald Auditorium Ownbey Herbarium Accessible amenities Accessible parking: West parking lot Eastlick northeast parking ...



From Rainforest to Grassland

Sagebrush Steppe Meadow Steppe Butte Slope Riparian Community Herbarium Home From Rainforest to Grassland: Plants and Their Communities Across Washington Written ... /edpages/raingrass/raingrass.html


WSU Ecology and Evolution

Collections Field Sites Research Resources Biological Collections The Marion Ownbey Herbarium is an expanding research collection of over 350,000 specimens of vascular ...


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R. Conner Natural History Museum (Web site) * Electron Microscopy Center * Marion Ownbey Herbarium (Web site) * Greenhouse and growth chamber facilities Other information: ...


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New York Botanical Garden British Museum, Department of Botany Oregon State University Herbarium Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh Texas A & M Herbarium Royal Botanic ...


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Graduate program. How to apply for graduate school. Visit the Marion Ownbey Herbarium. Tragopogon Washington State University's Department of Botany offers a strong ...



updates were conducted in spring 1998 by Mark Fishbein as part of the Marion Ownbey Herbarium's ongoing project to provide a new flora of Southeast Washington. This ...


Faculty & Staff | Recreation & Art | WSU

Collection Manuscripts, Archives & Special Collections Museum of Anthropology Mycological Herbarium Ownbey Herbarium Student Rec Center Faculty & Staff Membership ...


Rolla Kent Beattie Papers, 1899-1956

The papers of R. Kent Beattie, 1875-1960, were donated to the Washington State University Herbarium during the period from 1956 through 1960 by Mr. Beattie. Number ...


Ferman Layton Pickett Papers, ca. 1912-ca. 1938

Pickett's botanical notes, consist of field and accession notebooks for his personal herbarium, now among the collections of the Ownbey Herbarium at Washington State ...


Piper, Charles Vancouver Papers, 1888-1926

papers of Charles V. Piper, 1867-1926, were received by the Washington State University Herbarium in 1926 along with his library and herbarium, donated by Maude Hungate ...


St. John, Harold Papers, 1912-1957

The papers of Harold St. John, b. 1895, were donated to the Washington State University Herbarium in 1958 by Dr. St. John. Number of Containers 5 Linear Feet of Shelf ...


Washington State University

Physics LBB I & II Materials Science Center NMR Center Ownbey Herbarium VADMS DATA 18.8% of all WSU course enrollments 50,200 sch/semester, 15,100 student-courses, ...



updates were conducted in spring 1998 by Mark Fishbein as part of the Marion Ownbey Herbarium s ongoing project to provide a new flora of Southeast Washington. This ...


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The Museum of Art The Maurice T. James Entomological Collection The Marion Ownbey Herbarium l Home l About Conner Museum l Exhibits l Research l l Staff l Tours l ...


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Collections North American Bryophyte Herbaria University of Florida Herbarium (FLAS) Horticulture Virtual Garden : Plant Dictionary The American Cranberry Law/Legislation ...


Systematic Botany (Bot 332)

your grades that way. Lab Lab TA: Robin O'Quinn E-mail: Office: Herbarium Lab room: Eastlick G99 Lab time: Tues. and Thurs. 12:10 to 3:00 Note: ...


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design work. Here are a few of the sites I have helped to design: The Marion Ownbey Herbarium The School of Biological Sciences The Soltis Lab The WSU Department ...


Marion Ownbey

State University, beginning his career on the faculty and serving as director of the herbarium. On the Palouse, he continued to conduct research on Calochortus and ...


Facilities in the School of Biological Sciences, WSU

or class tours of the facilities can be made by calling (509) 335-3025. The Marion Ownbey Herbarium Visit the web site of The Marion Ownbey Herbarium The Marion Ownbey ...


Moscow Mountain Plants

by genus | Weeds of Moscow Mt. Annotated bibliography | Plants of Moscow Mountain | Herbarium homepage One can never be sure that a plant list for a particular area ...


Kamiak Butte Plants

by genus | Weeds of Kamiak Butte Annotated bibliography | Plants of Moscow Mountain | Herbarium homepage One can never be sure that a plant list for a particular ...



purposes and ultimately will be preserved in the Plant Pathology Department Mycological Herbarium-the largest mycological herbarium west of the Mississippi. Each ...



public exhibit serving also as an instructional facility for zoology classes. The Marion Ownby Herbarium is a major regional collection of about 277,000 specimens ...


Biology Brochure

H. Rumely, Ph.D, Botany. Retired from Montana State University, where he was professor and herbarium curator. Ruth Graham Allen 45 (biology) and her husband Louis ...


Botany Department Records, 1943-1957 (bulk, 1946-1952)

1945-1952 49 Hatch, W.R., Chair., Div. of Biological Sciences, 1943-1951 50 Herbarium, 1948-1952 51 E.H. Hopkins, 1947-1950 52 "I" Miscellaneous 53 International ...


The Museum of Anthropology, 335-3441 The Museum of Art, 335-6607 Mycological Herbarium, 335-9541 Ownbey Herbarium, 335-3250 The Worthman Veterinary Anatomy Museum, ...



Science and Engineering Library, Technical Services, the Conner (zoological) Museum, Owenbey Herbarium, Jacklin (geological) Collection, ARC Telescope Project, Jewett ...


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Owen Science and Engineering Library, the Conner Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, the Ownby Herbarium, and the Electron Microscopy Center. For field instruction, there ...


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Databases Vascular Plant Image Gallery: Maintained by the Texas AM University Herbarium VAST nomenclatural database: Vascular plant nomenclature database and associated ...


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(HREC) Health Sciences Library Help Desk, Information Technology/SCS Herbarium, Marion Ownbey High School Equivalency Program Hilltopics Historical Buildings Tour ...


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Room 157. Further information may be obtained at http:/ Mycological Herbarium The Mycological Herbarium of Washington State University is housed ...


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Center Doug Chambers Health Sciences Library (Vet Medical/Pharmacy Lib) Kathy Vogeler Herbarium Paula Baldree Heritage House John D'Aleo High School Equivalency Program ...


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of America International Society for Plant Pathology (ISPP) The Mycological Herbarium: The Natural History Museums and Botanical Garden, University of Oslo. Mycological ...


Bios 104 homepage

and algal blooms. Lichenland-Fun with lichens. Plants Marion Ownbey Herbarium at W.S.U.-with sections on local flora. The Gymnosperm Database information on Gymnosperms- ...


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(HREC) Health Sciences Library Help Desk, Information Technology/SCS Herbarium, Marion Ownbey High School Equivalency Program Hilltopics Historical Buildings Tour ...


Shaw, Charles Gardner Papers, 1939-1983

Travel Records, 1979 Series Seven - Subject Files, Chiefly Research 134 Botany Herbarium, 1975 135 Cultural Studies, 1955 136 Data of air Sampling, 1950 137 Flora ...


College of Agriculture - Dean Records, 1944-1980

357 Grassland Farming, 1957-67 358 Health Sciences Advancement Award Program, 1965-67 359 Herbarium, 1951-56 360 Home Economics, 1978-79 361 Horse Heaven Hills Area, ...



Awareness Day 04/28/98 WSU Golden, Diamond Grads Return for Reunion 04/28/98 WSU Herbarium Launches Plant Web Site 04/28/98 News Tips 04/27/98 Education Dean Candidates ...


2001 Graduate Bulletin

Contact Dr. Richard Zack, 335-3394, to arrange a tour and presentation. The Mycological Herbarium was founded by Frederick D. Heald, the first chair of the Department ...


Physical Plant Department Architectural Drawings of Campus Buildings 1899 - 1975

Sink for Department of Botany-Room 310, 6-26-40 4052 Details of Herbarium Cases-Botany Department, 6-27-40 4086 Details of Bulletin Board-Graduate School, Third Floor, ...


Office of Research Annual Report

321,119 1,748,270 81.63 18.37 Conner Museum 4960 42,683 0 42,683 100.00 0.00 Ownby Herbarium 4962 23,885 0 23,885 100.00 0.00 TOTAL - SCIENCES 21,277,991 13,854,512 ...


2001 Graduate Bulletin

laboratories, greenhouse facilities, field plots, a large and representative mycological herbarium, an extensive branch library, and adequate facilities for physiological ...





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The HERBARIUM*. *(contributed ... Section A. Herbarium in



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Herbarium to Join the North Carolina Botanical Garden.

On July 1, 2000, the Herbarium of the University ...


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Herbarium Staff. ... Ron Gilmour, Compiler and Editor of Herbarium Homepage. Alan Feduccia,

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To the UNC Home Page. ... Back to Herbarium Homepage. Flora of the Carolinas and

Virginia, Working Draft of 1 January 1997 -- INTRODUCTION .


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... The Art and Science of Preserving Plants by Herbarium Natural Science Technician

Carol Ann McCormick (Reprinted from North Carolina Botanical Garden Newsletter ...


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Schedule of Events of the Homecoming and 90th Anniversary

Celebration of the UNC Herbarium Hosted ...


Welcome to Botnet -

Chapel Hill, for 1997-1998. This initial effort seeks to address the UNC Herbarium,

which is the largest herbarium in the Southeastern United States, and to ...


Radford's association with the UNC Herbarium has been intimate"This represents

my life," he has been quoted as saying, "what's where and why." Radford was ...


Thomas Grant Harbison - [ Traduci questa pagina ]

him in case of his death, to assist Mrs. Ashe in disposing of the Ashe Herbarium,

and also expressed the hope that it could be secured by the University of ...


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Gray Herbarium Card IndexCitations of names for New World vascular plants. International

Plant Names Indexa single web database which combines citation ...


Worldwide List of Internet Accessible Herbaria

EUROPE (107) Austria (1) U. of Vienna, Institute of Botany - Herbarium Belgium (3)

National Botanic Garden of Belgium - Herbaria U. Cath. de Louvain Lab. Mycol ...


the usual system of academic advancement. He gained his first professional position

as herbarium curator at the University of Illinois, with only a high school ...


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Collectors of the UNC Herbarium. This page provides

basic biographical information about a few of ...


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of Mary McKee Felton are honoring her and her years of service to the herbarium

and the university community by establishing an endowment account to fund an ...


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... School site herbarium - Use the PIC site as a virtual herbarium model. Collect plant

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The UNC Herbarium was founded in 1908. It has grown to hold 660,000 specimens of

plants, the largest holding in the Southeast and a key resource for any work ...


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October 13, 2000, Mount Herbarium sheets ? demonstration

by Carol Ann McCormick, Herbarium Curator Assistant: ...


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Access to UNC Herbarium (NCU) Specimen Information.

Introduction. One of BOTNET's primary functions ...


Abies balsamea var. phanerolepis Fern. -

Herbarium Specimens -- Abies balsamea var. phanerolepis

Fern. Click on the image to get a larger view. ...


Flora of the Carolinas and Virginia: Gymnosperm Key -

3. Foliage leaves needle-like, alternate or fascicled; cone

scales imbricate PINACEAE. Back to Herbarium Homepage. ... -

the line would be located on the other side of the tracks. MYSTERY OF THE HERBARIUM

POLYESTER TAPE SOLVED (BEN # 27) From: Adolf Ceska <>


Photo Gallery of Plants of the Southeastern United States -

by Dr. Fred Swope and Dr. Oscar Gupton and were donated to the UNC Herbarium. They

may be used with permission. Descriptions of taxa are from the Manual of the ...


Alma Holland Beers -

underside (upper image) and the top (lower image) of the same specimen. The note

at the lower left is written on the back of the herbarium tag just above it.


BEN # 198 -

16. Glumes keeled ..... Triticum PACIFIC FORESTRY CENTRE,

VICTORIA, BC: HERBARIUM WEB PAGE From: "Callan, Brenda" <bcallan@PFC.Forestry ...


Image Procedures -

Procedures for Capturing Herbarium Specimen Digital Images. [I. Setup Prodecure]

[II. Image Manipulation Procedure] [III. File naming Procedure] ...


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Virtual Herbarium Searchable Database, Plant Identification . . . Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Ask an Expert . . . . ...


Plant Information Center - Student Activities -

Student Activities. Jim Murphy (PIC Consultant): Captured herbarium specimen images,

developed and managed databases, established World Wide Web access; managed ...


Gymnosperms in XML -

Gymnosperms of the Southeastern US. A Premature Sample of the Use of XML

in Systematic Botany. Ron Gilmour, UNC Herbarium Staff Introduction. ... -

... moved to Seattle, where she assumed a Research Associate position in the Herbarium

of the Department of Botany at the University of Washington. She collected ...


BEN # 204 -




ibiblio > Collection Index > Natural Science and Mathematics - - La revue de presse internationale; Kudzu Collection: A Vine for

Modern Times; University of North Carolina Herbarium; Virtual Cell Web Page. ...



herbwelcome.html -

... databases, such as at Harvard University; as well as those where the herbarium is

simply mentioned within the descriptive text of the parent organization's web ...


Platycladus orientalis (L.) Franco

Herbarium Specimens -- Platycladus orientalis (L.) Franco.

Click on the image to get a larger view. ...


Ginkgo biloba L.

Herbarium Specimens -- Ginkgo biloba L. Click

on the image to get a larger view. ...


Collection and Field Preparation of Specimens -

Herbarium specimens are permanent records of a species (or population) as it occurred

at a given time and place. The future value and use of any specimen is ...


Herbarium Specimens -- Abies fraseri (Pursh) Poir.

Click on the image to get a larger view. ...


Thuja occidentalis L.

Herbarium Specimens -- Thuja occidentalis L. Click

on the image to get a larger view. ...


Picea rubens Sarg.

Herbarium Specimens -- Picea rubens Sarg. Click on

the image to get a larger view. pcru01.jpg ...


Picea glauca (Moench) Voss

Herbarium Specimens -- Picea glauca (Moench) Voss.

Click on the image to get a larger view. ...


Chamaecyparis thyoides (L.) BSP

Herbarium Specimens -- Chamaecyparis thyoides (L.) BSP.

Click on the image to get a larger view. ...


Cedrus deodara (Roxb. ex D. Don) G. Don

Herbarium Specimens -- Cedrus deodara (Roxb. ex D. Don) G. Don.

Click on the image to get a larger view. ...


Callitris columellaris auct. non FJ Muell

Herbarium Specimens -- Callitris columellaris auct. non FJ

Muell. Click on the image to get a larger view. ...


Chapter 25: Plant Identification -

This list is the taxa master list underlay. By examining herbarium specimens

or using an appropriate manual or monograph select and compile a list ...


Larix laricina (Du Roi) K. Koch

Herbarium Specimens -- Larix laricina (Du Roi) K. Koch.

Click on the image to get a larger view. ...


Plant Information Center - services -

Plant Database Search our database of herbarium images, scientific and popular names,

taxonomic information, links to US Dept. of Agriculture Plant Information ...


Plant Information Center - Advisory Panel -

Greg Georges Digital Photographer, Chapel Hill. Jim Hardin Herbarium

Curator (retired) North Carolina State University. ... (INGLESE) lista di siti per categorie. (INGLESE) enciclopedia botanica.